Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Making Silent Movies

On Monday we met Mrs Howison and looked at silent movies on You Tube. 

Then we made a plan of what we were going to do and we had to write it out on a story board.
Next we got to go and film it. We had to use as much body language as we could. We were able to use simple props. 
After that we fixed it all up on the computer using iMovie. We added titles over black as that
 was how it was done long ago. We made music on Garage Band and added it to our movie project.
We chose Silent movies as we are currently studying change. It is amazing how we can use modern technology to re-create movies made long ago.

I found it nerve wracking but also fun! Ethan
I found it rather funny and I kept bursting out with laughter. Ava
I thought is was exciting. Whitiaua
I thought it was really fun and I like not talking as I am quite shy. Anabel
I found it interesting that we couldn't talk but still get our message across. Emma
I learned how to put garageband music onto movies, is was exciting. Jesse
I liked the character I played. Roisin
I felt happy to meet new people. Ngahiraka
I enjoyed working in groups. Pieta
I enjoyed the brainstorming and storyboarding. Zoe
I thought it was exciting. Hilary
It was great, fun and awesome. Finn

Here are our movies, we hope you enjoy them.

This was created by Whiti, Finn, Jesse and Ethan.

This was created by Anabel, Roisin, Ava and Emma.

This was created by Hilary, Ngahiraka, Pieta and Zoe.