Monday, August 26, 2013

Year Two Writers

Our philosophy group has evolved into a writing group. We started this term reading and exploring the idea of memories from MemFox's 'Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge'. Here are some poems that the children put together.

Memories are kind, like a cup of love  bursting with laughter.
They are clouds filling your mind with sadness.

Memories are like popping candy
Making your mind jump up and down.

A memory is a special feeling to you.
Like when you hold your new baby girl.

That is special to you, isn’t it?

Remembering is sort of resting.

Memories make my mind a better place.
I remember happy and sad things like when
I was a little girl and Nana said it wasn’t her
That hid the lollies in her letter box.

She said it was the mail man.
I remember my Poppa tricking me and Libby.
We laughed and Nana did too.

Memories are things that make you cry or laugh.
Memories make your heart glow
When you remember.
I remember back in the days
When my Pop was around.
I sat near him and ate ice-cream.

What are memories?
Memories are some things that you remember
From long ago.
Memories are thoughts.
I remember wearing my jarmies in the pool.
We were swimming in our sleep.

Memories are spaces that hold you thoughts.
You can be reminded by all sorts of things.
Like, when I looked at a photo
Of my very first time on a plane.
It brings my self back to where I was.
I remember dancing with Papa
When I look at this old dancing shoes.


Memories can make you happy or sad.
They make you laugh or cry.

I remember dancing with Isabella and Miss Pam.
We were twirling and whirling dizzily around the dance floor.

A memory is a wonderful thing to have.
Remembering feels like floating in the air.


A memory is a treasure.

It’s special and makes me smile.
It might make me sad or make me laugh.
Memories are old and new.
It brings the past back.
Memories remind us of people or places.
They are as warm as toast or as funny as jokes.

On Sunday we went to my Grandad’s house. 
At my Grandad’s house my Grandad said to me that my heart glowed
and memories are nice things to learn.

I remember that I went to my friend’s house.
We played on the x-box.
He was 18, now he’s 19.