Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Welcome to our GATE BLOG 2019

2019 ICAS and Australian Maths Competitions

Each year at St Albans we offer Year 4-6 children the opportunity to participate in formal competitions
run by UNSW Educational Assessment, Australia.  The tests are called International Competitions and
Assessments for Schools (ICAS). These tests cover six curriculum areas and are designed to test and
report to schools and parents on a variety of skills within subjects.  A charge is made to cover each paper.
Papers are quite challenging so are best suited to learners showing a particular strength or interest in the

Our school has been participating in these tests for a number of years and we have been pleased with the
opportunities that the children have been given and the results that have been achieved.  Certificates are
awarded for High Distinction, Distinction, Credit and Participation. Parents are provided with a detailed
report showing strengths and weaknesses. For more information and ways to prepare visit

We have also taken part in a second maths competition run by the Australian Mathematics Trust. This is a
competitive paper and will be good for children who enjoy the challenge of problem solving in maths.  
This is a one off test where the children have 60 minutes to work through 30 questions. As with the
UNSW competitions, children receive a certificate and report indicating their achievement. Sample
questions are available online at: www.amt.edu.au

This year these assessments are not being run until September in Term 3. We will send a form
home at the beginning of term 2 for those children that are interested. At this time it will also be
advertised in the newsletter and spare copies will be available in the office.

Subjects offered include:
Digital technologies
Australia Maths Competition.

Any queries please see or email Mrs Lidstone
GATE Coordinator
Deputy Principal