Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Thinking About Emotions

This week the Year 1 philosophers investigated feelings. They first came up with a range of feelings and we talked about these.

Then we dramatised what they might look and feel like.










We then used out thinking about emotions and our work with metaphors last week to write some poems.

Sickness by Lachlan
Sickness is yellow and orange.
It looks like panadol.
Sickness smells like rotten eggs.
It tastes like very yucky eggs.
Sickness feels like it is a bit bumpy.
It sounds like "bluuuh!'

Happy by Coll
Happy is light yellow.
It looks like the bright sun.
Happy smells like chocolate.
It tastes like lolly cake.
It feels smooth like leaves on a tree.
It sounds like wind blowing the sand.

Sickness by Sophie
Sickness is blue.
It looks like puke.
Sickness smells like rotten salad.
It tastes like yucky potatoes.
Sickness feels like getting spaghetti on your hands.
It sounds like somebody sneezing.

Grumpy by Sammy
Grumpy is sulky yellow.
It looks like rotten eggs.
Grumpy smells like ice cream.
It tastes like sour lollies.
Grumpy feels squishy peas.
It sounds like a lion roaring.

Shy by Lachie
Shy is blue.
It looks like you don't want to look.
Shy smells like a box.
It tastes like banana.
It feels like sand.
Shy sounds like a plane hovering.

Sick by Stella
Sick is white
It looks like puke.
Sick smells like rotten eggs.
It tastes like ice cream.
Sick feels fluffy like a blanket
It sounds like thumping.

Happy by Sia
Happy is pale yellow.
It looks like a birthday party.
Happy smells like chocolate.
It tastes like a lemonade ice block
It feels soft like a dog.
It sounds like "happy clap along if you feel..."

Sick by Georgetta
Sick is orange
It looks like rotten eggs..
Sick smells like mints.
It tastes like yucky cheese
Sick feels like lumpy rice.
It sounds like coughing.

Sick by Beth
Sick is green
It looks like puke.
Sick smells like vomit.
It tastes like rotten rice.
Sick feels lumpy.
It sounds like ahhhhh!