Science Activities, Challenges and Certificates

Thanks so much for putting your hand up to take part in this. This is an optional extra so we have no set time frame for the completion of work, it is up to you to work out something that suits your family.
There is freedom in how you complete activities, we want them to be fun and interesting and not a burden. Work on them on a way that suits your child.

Marking - Claire Howison or Glen McKenzie will mark your work.

Completing Activities

  • Technology activities are marked with an asterisk.
  • Hand in each activity for marking when it is completed.
  • Activities can be completed in a book, on paper/card or on the computer.
  • You can email work or photos to
  • Digital work can be displayed on this page or might be added to the class blogs.

Year 3 and 4 Science Challenges

Children have four topics to work through, the world of water, weather watch, tantalising toys and plants. For each topic children need to complete at least three activities and two of these need to be technology activities. These are marked with an asterisk. When each topic is complete I will place a sticker for them on their certificate. I will look after these if you wish until all topics are completed and then we can present the certificate at an assembly.

Year 5 and 6 Science Certificates

These are organised into four areas; living world, material world, physical world and planet earth and beyond. Children have to complete at least 8 activities and one form each section needs to be technology based, these are marked with an asterisk. When activities are completed children will be awarded a certificate in their assembly.

Children's Work

Here are some examples of work that has been completed digitally.

Ava's Sock Caterpillars

Lily's Barometer and Weather Vane

Amelia's Water Cycle Lesson

Ruby's Look at Dehydrated Food

Ruby's Salt Poster

Jack's Barometer

Jack's Water Cycle Model

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