Monday, August 26, 2019

Robo-Cup 2019

Robocup 2019
Last Saturday two St Albans teams competed at the Robocup competition.
Our teams have spent weeks under the expert tuition of Sam Pelham, designing,
building and coding their robots to meet the criteria of the competition. The Rescue
team competed in 4 rounds which included 4 different courses.  After 2 rounds it
was a quick return to the pits to make adjustments for the final 2 rounds. The Soccer
team had two robots- a player and a goalie. They competed against an Intermediate
team playing 3 games in total. Final result 2-1 to the opposition. A BIG congratulations
to both our teams for developing awesome robots, clever codes and being awesome
Robocup Soccer team from left: Kody, Sam, Harry,Sam Y,Emily, Sam G (Absent Joe)
Robocup Rescue team from left: Lachlan, Luci, Nate Kody, Lachlan, Neave



Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Epro8 Challenge

Congratulations to our 2 St Albans teams who competed in the Epro8
Challenge this week. From left: 
The St Albans Circuits: Jinudhi, Charlie, Sophie and Ben
The St Albans Circuits: Lachlan, Bella, Harry and Stella

Both teams finished a very credible 5th equal competing against tough

competition and solving tricky challenges. They made St Albans proud by
competing in the spirit of the competition, showing excellent teamwork and
problem solving skills. A BIG thank you to our parent helpers and supporters.


.  .


Saturday, August 10, 2019

Epro8 Challenge

This week our 2 teams were preparing for their Epro 8 Challenge competition that they will be competing in next week.  They had 2 and a half hours to complete a variety of challenges.

Out teams include:
  • Lachlan F, Harry F, Bella Stella
  • Charlie, Sophie B, Ben and Jinudhi
At the Epro8 Challenge competition teams compete to:
  • build large sized structures
  • solve practical problems
  • engineer using pulleys, motors, gears, wheels and axles
  • invent machines that can complete simple tasks
  • undertake unusual and fun experiments.
  • construct basic electronic circuits.
  • solve interesting problems using practical maths
Each team of four will be based at a workstation containing an impressive 
assortment of easy to use parts and equipment. Teams will be given a booklet 
containing a number of challenges. All the challenges are of an entertaining physical nature.

Teams will choose which challenges they wish to undertake. The harder the 
challenge, the more points it is worth. There is not enough time to finish all 
the challenges - so strategy is required to know which ones to go for.

Here are some of our team members working on their practice challenges.
Challenge 1: Create a 4 wheel driverless scooter that can move without humans 
moving it.

Challenge 2: Create an alien with 5 distinctive 'alien' features that moves under a barrier without a person coming within 2m of the alien. These were great challenges that challenged creative thinking, problem solving and team work. 

NZ Children's Book Awards and Writers Workshop

This week 21 enthusiastic

writers attended the NZ

Children’s Book Awards which featured a selection of the finalists at St Margarets

College. We heard 3 writers

speak: Kirsten Slade writer of
The Mapmakers Race,

Sarah Pepperle writer of

Art-tastic and James T Guthrie
writer of Bulls Eye Bella. 
After the Book Awards session author James T Guthrie came back to St Albans to run
a writing session with our group of writers. The children had an awesome afternoon
learning more about the process of writing and of writing a book.  The activity they did was called the Writers Dice where the children created a table of words that had to be included in their story. This was challenging and created some very funny stories! Once the children had finished writing they joined James in presenting their creative writing to the group.

Some of the key learning to be an awesome writer was to persevere, to show not tell,
to edit, edit(rework/re-craft) and edit some more. It was very cool to work alongside a published