Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Year 1 and 2 Science Extra

Our school focus this term is 'Kaboom' and this week is National Science Week.

We have started off the term thinking about science and the Year 1 and 2 children worked on a great milk experiment with Mrs Howison and Mrs Ward.

We started off thinking and brainstorming our ideas about milk.

From Year 1 and 2 Science

We knew lots of interesting things and that helped us when we started our experiment.
We had to Predict and Explain and then Observe and Explain.

We had dishes of milk with three drops of food colouring in them. We then touched the milk with a cotton bud that was wet with detergent. We had to guess what we thought might happen first.

It was amazing, the colours all zoomed to the side of the dish and started swirling around. We drew or wrote about what happened and then tried to explain why.

At the end we talked about it and discovered that detergent as tiny parts (molecules) that don't like water. They connect to the fat in the milk and try to get away from the water. This is how the detergent get that dirt and fat off dishes. The food colouring lets us see what is happening in the dish.

It was great fun, we love science!