Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Values Work

We worked together for a few days exploring the values and what they mean to us.

First we used Y charts to brainstorm what we thought each value looked like, felt like and sounded like. We used this thinking to create pictures for each value in kidpix.
Next we created slogans for the values and voted on each others ideas. We had votes to use. We could use these votes any way we wanted. We could give one idea 8 votes or 8 ideas one vote each. It was fun.
We then put our thinking together in different ways to share with the school. One group created a survey which is below, another group made an imovie, one group made a voice thread (that was tricky) and the last group made a key note presentation.

Please use the comment feature on this post to tell us what you think about the pictures.

You can vote for the slogans using the survey.

The Year 4 GATE team
Maddy, Phoebe, Nate, Sky, Heathcliff, Dom, Kezia, Brydie, Amelia, Ngatai, Adam and Stavros

Friday, April 8, 2011