Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Year 2 Writers

This week some amazing Year two writers are working together and exploring their thoughts about colour. On Tuesday we brainstormed our thoughts and ideas about colour. Next time we know that is important to group ideas together when you record them.

Next we will use our ideas to create some colour poems.

Watch this space!

Thanks to Estella, Bella, Abbie, Rosie, Catherine, Lachie, Caleb, Luca, Aliana, Lauren, Samantha, Oliver, Jake, Thesara, and Olivia for their hard work and great ideas.

We tried hard to paint pictures with words and this was harder than we thought.

Blue pens writing
Planets floating around in the atmosphere
Night skies with dazzling stars.
Blue slides coming from steep places.
Blue buildings almost touching the sky.
Blue birds fluttering.
Tears pouring from blue eyes.
Shimmering oceans filled with water life creatures.


A shining plum
A clean violet in the sun,
An eggplant for my Mum,
And Dad.
Beautiful grapes for me to eat,
Purple puffles for you and me.
Purple around us is all I see.


Silver is sparkly
Silver is like the lovely breeze.
There is silver, second place.
Silver is pearls on your wrist.


Fluffy clouds in the sky.
The moon is sleeping in space
Houses made of new wood.
Rooves on top of houses.
Milk is for drinking.
Pools are for swimming
Dresses are for wearing.


A necklace dangling down
Glass cabinents in the sun.
Coming second in a race.
Spoons, knives, forks.
Toasty machine tops
The inside of a big heater.
Fridges getting opened.
Hard stiff metal.
Rings lacing on fingers.
Machinery made to be fixed.
Buckles on shoes.
Disgusting silver fillings
Pipes getting fixed.


Apples shining in the sun.
Fire trucks racing to help
Stop signs keeping us safe.
Teachers writing
Signs telling us not to go in.
It is the colour of lips and
You lungs and tongue.
Roses shimmering in the warm light.
Stars on the NZ flag.
Christmas present giver’s coat.
Sometimes the evening sky setting.
Covering us with love.


Lettuce growing happily in the garden.
Slimy, gooey frogs.
A grasshopper leaping from leaf to leaf.
Lilypads floating away
A bean pod hanging on its stalk
Crocodiles snapping teeth
A kea swooping
Moss climbing onto a tree
A shiny green apple.


Yellow is a happy colour
Medals for coming first
Crowns, stars, baby chicks.
Shiny money, bananas
The Simpsons.
Duty teacher’s jackets
Bright daffidols
Drinking juice
The third colour in the rainbow.


Colourful seas
Beautiful sea skies
The NZ flag
A beetle, uniforms
Blue tack.
Blueberry pie
Tears and raindrops.


The sky is blue shining in the atmosphere
Water is blue bubbling in your mouth.
Windows are blue shivering in the sun.
A screen is blue,
Waiting, excited to be used.
The ocean is blue with the fish
Leaping in the sea.
The smurfs trotting around their village.
Aqua, navy, turquoise.


Branches of a tree
Burping elephant seals
Dirt under the grass
Sparrows that can soar
Wood that builders use
Hair that is so soft.
A table where you bring things to.
Bears that eat you!
Stalks shooting out of the apples.
Bark covering the ground under playgrounds.
A tree trunk connected to the earth.
The top of a whiteboard duster.
Coming third in a race.


Sharp swords
Dirty liquefaction
Shiny seals
Silver sun rings
Quiet elephants
Clear water
Silver curtains
Silver ocean picture frames.


Sparkling snow
A dress of love, precious pearls
Clouds floating across the sky.
White is great.
Snow flakes shimmering in the sun.
A snowman slowly melting.
Seagulls soft feathers.
The moon smiling at you and me,
Giving wishes and baby stars to everyone.


A sparkling bright pumpkin.
Fire burning at the moulty moon.
A juicy, crunchy carrot.
Marvellous, soft mandarins
Giant shining sun.
Beautiful, golden autumn leaves.
Bendy dry grass
Swooping goldfish.
Spicy fanta, huge oranges.
Brilliant safety cones and dazzling lights.
A monarch butterfly floating in the sunlight.
So is the colour of orange.


Rainbows - the highest place in the sky
Eyes people have to see with
Tornadoes - the fastest thing that actually spins
Money to buy stuff
Puffles, the cutest pets on Club Penguin.


The word clouds were made by copying and pasting the text of the poem into http://www.wordle.net/create

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Year 3 Writers

This week a group of talented Year 3 writers are working together exploring their ideas about colour.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge says that "Poetry is the best words in the best order".

We tried to write free verse and to make sure our words made a picture in the reader's mind. We tried not to use too many words that weren't necessary.

Here are our poems.
Blue is sapphires and rain,
The sea is as blue as the sky.
Rivers and lakes, sharks prey.
Waterfalls splash,
To the beat of the waves.
The sky becomes lighter by the rise of dawn.
Finding sapphires in dark mines.
Oceans full of animals by Zeus’ delight.
Midnight’s here and we fall asleep.

By Robert age 6

A beautiful, aquamarine sky.
The colour of my uniform,
Covering me
The sea and sky of the
New Zealand flag.
The colour of my writing.
Blueberry pie and sapphires.
Blue moons,lighting my way
At night
Dark blue denim
Protecting me in the weekend.
Blue makes me feel happy.

By Maddie

Red makes is hot fire, hearts beating,
Traffic lights glowing.
Pink marshmallows
That melt in your mouth.
I see colour when I wake.
Blue skies make me smile.
Bubble mixture is so colourful.

By Grace

Rainbows bursting
With energy and excitement
Everywhere you go.
Colours like bursting paint
Running all around.
Shades of red jump into fire.
Tinges of blue melt into water.
Colour trickles down slim ledges,
To make coloured slides.
Colour is everywhere.
Look around!

By Samantha

Exploding paint
Racing across sky into water
Making rainbows.
Colours bouncing onto puddles,
Splashing with a ting tang
Onto someone’s foot.
A bubble floats around water,
Exploding into paint.
Bubbles shine making glowing sparks,
Shooting across the concrete
Silently striking
Anything in the way.

By Julius

Colour is fireworks exploding.
The sunshine colours everyday.
It’s like different coloured soldiers,
Shades everywhere.
Bubbles sparkle with a blush
Of colour.
Black the colour of mischief
Red has shades of feelings.
Colour is magnificent

By Emma

Colour bursts.
Green bushes and grass.
My school uniform is blue.
Purple, now what is purple?
Lost love, soft lights.
Red, OMG so hard, NOT red.
The colour of love, hearts,
Any school’s house colour.
Pink, raspberry marshmallows
And sweet cherry blossoms.
The world without colour?
Boring, just shades of

By Kate
Orange fireworks shoot into the air
An orange trail left behind.
Orange flames bursting
Onto the ground the colour of the sun.
Amazing goldfish
Circling around
And around.
A carrot nibbled by a hungry rabbit.
Tigers camouflaged behind dry grass.
Daffodil centres as bright
As the fur of a tiger
Orange hair swishes
In the air.
Orange petals fly all day
And night.
I see coral under the sea
It’s as hard as rock.
Monarch butterflies racing
Orange across the world.

By Neve