Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Poetry Pentathlon

Poetry Pentathlon
Competition run by the School for Young Writers

Last week, Erin, Rory, Olivia, Magnus and Cooper represented St Albans School in
New Zealand’s first Poetry Pentathlon. They gave us various types of poems, with
objects or words as prompts and then we had a time limit of 5-10 minutes to write
each poem. There were 5 rounds: Haiku Hurdle, Limerick Long Jump, Walk with Words,
Poetry Relay and Winners at the Podium. We won one round, the Word Walk, where
you got given 5 words and you had to write a poem of up to 12 lines. I really enjoyed
the competition - it was challenging but fun!

Written by Erin


Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Aoife Maher's published writing

As stated in an earlier post we would like to share Aoife's published writing.

Lonely Eel

I chew on my slurred up dinner and wait for something, or someone. My slimy stomach slides across the rocks as I stare at my surroundings. Just me, myself and I. My black eyes tear up. Why? Why do I not have a buddy to be happy, sad and excited with? Does nobody like the fact that my body is covered with thick, black skin that feels like gooey seaweed? Or is it that I love to chomp on chewy fish? Please, please be my buddy.

Written by Aoife Maher Y6 and published in 'Write on' Magazine, Issue 50

Robocup Regionals Competition 2018

Congratulations to our 3 teams from the Robotics Club who competed in the Robocup Regionals
event on Sunday 19th August.  All three teams were entered into a different category: Theatre,
Soccer or Rescue. Each team created a robot for the specific skills needed for their event. These
included a dancing robot in theatre, a soccer kicking robot in Robo-soccer and a Rescue Robot that
had to follow the trail to find the silver can. Modifications and improvements were needed on the day
with no adult input. The children showed the many skills they have learnt including working together,
problem solving and the practical skills needed to make improvements on the spot under pressure.
Our teams made St Albans proud competing against tough competition and many carefully created

Thank you to Simon our tutor, Sam Pelham and our parents for your support in helping to get the
robots completed in time for competition. Your help was very much appreciated.

Teams pictured here with their Robots:

Junior Theatre Team: Charlotte, Rory, Lachlan and Thomas
Junior Rescue Team: Emily, Georgetta and Lachie
Junior Soccer Team: Isaac, Magnus, Tim and Joe