We are now beginning our second year of French lessons at St Albans School. Our current tutor is Justine Lee. She is an enthusiastic teacher, leading learning through song, story and games.

French is held in Room 4 on Thursday. The Y 4-6 children begin their lesson at 1:30pm and the Y 1- 3 children at 2:10pm. Participation in these lessons requires a small fee.

Justine is currently working on a Halloween topic with the children. Here are a couple of youtube links to check out.

BABELZONE - La chanson des squelettes - Teach French with LCF Clubs

C'est l'halloween, Matt Maxwell

This link refers to a story that the class is looking at. Click on the picture.

If you are interested please contact Claire on 3559132 ext 740 to obtain further information.

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