Young Writers Workshop (YWW)

St Albans School enjoys a strong relationship with the School of Young Writers. Twice a year we hold young writers workshops and talented young writers get to work with a tutor from the school. Below is the work from past workshops.

If you are interested in the School of Young Writers, please check out their website.

During Term , 2011 a group of talented Year 5 writers is working with Mrs Hunter. They are composing short stories for entry into a summer story competition. As they are completed we will include excerpts and publish parts of the stories on this page to celebrate their success.

In 2011 groups of Year 5 and 6 writers worked with Elizabeth from YWW on producing radio plays. It is hoped that they soon will be recorded and played on our school radio station.

Diane Ward coordinated this programme but has since left us to volunteer in Tanzania. It is hoped that you will hear this being played on the school radio station.

A Jaguar in the Fridge - YWW Year 6

The Year 6 play is called A Jaguar in the Fridge and is set in Auckland and Brazil following a family as they visit Brazil to avoid being in Auckland after a cyclone. The children are great jokers and are telling many jokes. They enjoy their adventures in Brazil and manage to joke about that too.

The Long Way Home - YWW Year 5
The Year 5 play was inspired by a piece of artwork, Hokianga and tells the story of some children as they get lost on their way home from school.