Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wilfred Gordon and Names

For the past few weeks we have discussed names. Our homework this week was to find out the story behind our own names.

Magnus the Magnificent - Magnus was named after Magnus Magnusun. He is famous in the U.K. for being the presenter of Mastermind. His Dad loved the name even though he was very small when he was born.

Erin Isabel - means 'Ireland's Poet'. It is her Mum and Dad's favourite girls name. Isabel is her English Grandma's name.

Charlotte - is the feminine form of Charles. It is both French and Italian. Charlotte's Mum and Dad thought is was a beautiful name. Her middle name is Rose and her parents thought she was a beautiful as a rose.

Cooper - Cooper's name came from a pair of trackies that his Mum wore when she was pregnant with Cooperstown New York on the label. His Mum also loved Mini Cooper cars and now she has her own little Mini Cooper. His middle name, John is also his Grandad's name.

Olivia - is a name linked to the word olives and also means an army of elves.

Rory - Rory's parents liked his name and it means strong.

Emily - this name comes from England.

Kaiying - Kaiying's Dad chose her name.

Patricio - this name can also be Patrick. It means leader.

Ava - Ava's name means a bird in German. Her parents also like Ella or Alice but she doesn't think her Dad really liked the name Alice.

After we had talked about names we talked about simile and metaphor and came up with simile for the following starters. What words would you use?
  • As hungry as a...
  • As funny as a...
  • As tall as a...
  • As silly as a...
  • As grumpy as a... 

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