Saturday, November 24, 2018

Congratulations to our Young Writers
Congratulations to the following St Albans Y6 young writers who have all become published
authors! Their poetry writing has been selected for publication in the ‘Write On’ magazine:
Issue 51.  These children attended the Young Writers Workshop in Term 3 where they had
the opportunity to develop their poetry writing skills and rework their various poems under
tuition from the School for Young Writers. We are very proud of our young writers. Please
enjoy the following poems which were chosen for the publication.

LEGO tower
Building, forever changing,
erupting from the ground,

into an unexpected thing
tall as a skyscraper, leaning,
red as fire, mini figures
yellow as the sun.

Cracking, collapsing,
smashing into the ground
like a wrecking ball.

Rising up, building, creating
something new, wide as
an airplane.

Playing, having fun,
until a voice shouts:
“Tidy up your room! I can’t stand this

By Lachlan Fletcher 2018, Year 5, St Albans School

The Old TV

Buzz, buzz, bizz!
Buzz, buzz, bizz!

The old TV goes
buzz, buzz, bizz!

The wind blows buzz
and the wind blows bizz!

And the old TV goes
buzz, buzz, bizz!


Written by Lachie Wallace, Year 5, St Albans School

The Poetry Team were a part of the  Poetry Pentathlon competition where they competed in
5 events. For this event the team were given a prompt- a disco ball, and then as a team, they
had 10 minutes to write this poem! Collaborating and creating under pressure!  Well done team.

Ode to a Disco Ball

Oh! Disco Ball,
You are so small
Yet you bring joy to the party
Big or small
Your tiles fall
In the blink of an eye
Nails elevate you higher in the sky
The parties you have seen
Gone and been
Oh! Glimmer Ball
The projections you cast upon the wall
Oh! Disco Ball,
You are so small!

St Albans School Y6 Pentathlon Poetry Team
Rory Forsythe, Cooper Gallagher, Erin Darnton, Olivia Donaldson and Magnus Telford

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